Find Premier Holistic Alcohol Rehab in Florida

When it comes to recovering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs, few programs can offer the comprehensive care that the holistic alcohol treatment center at 12 Keys Alcohol Rehab provides. At our holistic alcohol rehabilitation center, our certified, compassionate therapists and counselors provide personalized treatment to people struggling from addiction. From making an early physical recovery to uncovering the reasons substance abuse became a problem to learning how to live a happy and satisfying sober lifestyle, our holistic alcohol treatment program is unparalled in the field. Learn more about holistic rehabilitation, and discover why our reputation for quality comprehensive care will help you start your journey to recovery.

What Is Holistic Care?

Holistic medicine is a treatment philosophy that takes into account all aspects of a person’s well being. This includes physical health, spiritual wellness, emotions, behaviors and more. Because the science of addiction medicine is changing every day – and relapse rates are unfortunately high – experts believe that long term treatment that addresses each of these areas presents the best path to sobriety.

At 12 Keys holistic alcohol rehabilitation center, we combine the latest in evidence-based treatment with the time-honored traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous to provide a unique recovery model to sobriety that is unmatched anywhere else. Our clients begin recovery with medically managed detox, progress through ongoing therapy and counseling and participate in life-affirming activities. When residential care ends, our clients join a family of like-minded people who know what it takes to stay sober in the world outside rehab.

Why Is Holistic Care Important?

People who suffer from substance abuse usually don’t wake up and decide to become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Many, if not most, 12 Keys Alcohol Rehab clients also suffer from a preexisting mental health condition such as depression, PTSD or anxiety. Our treatment staff can uncover the reasons you started using alcohol and teach you how to address the emotions related to those reasons safely and soberly. At the same time, you’ll benefit from better nutrition, a fun exercise regimen, life skills training and ongoing 12 Step care. And because our staff works collaboratively, as your condition changes so will your recovery plan. This responsive approach to sobriety assures we have your specific needs in mind at all times.

Unlike other rehabs or outpatient programs that only address certain aspects of addiction recovery, our holistic treatment center addresses all of your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We believe this approach will not only strengthen and empower you to make the right choices when the time comes to live on your own, it will also help you enjoy living a sober lifestyle.

The Benefits of a Florida Holistic Recovery Center

If spending time outdoors while bathed in warm subtropical sunshine sounds appealing, then you will likely appreciate the 12 Keys Alcohol Rehab location. Our property on the west coast of Florida features beautiful shaded gardens and walking paths, a private dock, a large in-ground swimming pool and plenty of comfortable spaces for private reflection and relaxation. You’ll be able to heal your life and reconnect with the people who mean the most to you in the comfort of our incredible facility, which also features easy access to many of Florida’s best amenities. Quite simply, at 12 Keys Alcohol Rehab, our holistic treatment center’s location will remind you that living life sober is fun.

How do we do that? Our team of recovered alcoholics knows firsthand that getting better means figuring out what to do with yourself when alcohol and drugs aren’t an option. That is why our clients go deep sea fishing and kayaking. They swim and kayak. They read, snorkel and walk our beautiful beaches – because resting the mind and spirit outside of therapy and counseling is just as restorative as the hard work that goes on inside our property.

Find Out More About Holistic Rehabilitation by Calling Us Now

Our rehab center staff knows that your questions don’t always come during convenient business hours, and that is why we are available all day, all night, every day to answer the phone. We can do everything from stage an intervention, fly to where you are to get you into our program, or tell you everything you need to know about holistic care. The bottom line is that you don’t have to let an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs define your life – you can get better. People do it every day, and we can help.