Treatment for Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal

Alcohol is a dangerous drug that produces severe physical and psychological dependence. Although it might be tempting to quickly cut back alcohol consumption – or quit drinking altogether – the severity of alcohol’s withdrawal symptoms can result in dangerous withdrawal symptoms if you stop drinking quickly. In fact, unlike withdrawing from other types of dangerous substances, alcohol withdrawal can produce symptoms so severe that death can result.

Just because alcohol withdrawal is dangerous doesn’t mean you shouldn’t quit drinking, however. Getting help from an alcohol detox center can help you safely and thoroughly quit drinking without the dangerous effects of withdrawal syndrome. At 12 Keys Alcohol Rehab, our alcohol detox treatment has helped many people stop drinking – and we can help you, too, even if you have tried rehab before. Learn more about our Florida alcohol detox center, and find your path to freedom from addiction, safely.

The Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome occurs in people who quit or cut back suddenly after drinking heavily over a period of several weeks or longer. The symptoms vary depending on the severity of your addiction and might start as soon as a couple of hours after your last drink. Without treatment, these uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms can last for months. Those with a mild case of alcohol withdrawal symptoms will notice symptoms such as the shakes and anxiety. Chronic heavy drinkers generally suffer more severe effects. If you notice symptoms of alcohol withdrawal symptoms in yourself or in someone else, time is of the essence and you should consider the decision of receiving detox for alcohol.

It is not uncommon for a late stage alcoholic to suffer from seizures and delirium tremens, also known as the DTs, when trying to quit drinking suddenly. The DTs cause confusion, increased or irregular heart rate, fever and hallucinations. The death rate from delirium tremens, if serious enough and left untreated, can be as high as 5 percent. People who have other health conditions, such as heart problems, lung disease, a history of seizures or an active infection should seek immediate emergency medical help should DT symptoms present. Do not assume the symptoms will abate.

Medically monitored alcohol detox at 12 Keys prevents these dangerous symptoms. Our Florida detox center also helps clients feel more comfortable during the early days of sobriety.

The Physical Effects of Alcoholism in the Brain

Alcohol has a profound effect on the structure of the brain and how its neurotransmitters – chemicals responsible for producing feelings such as excitability – operate. At first, drinking produces feelings of calm, and in larger quantities, euphoria. Over time, however, as occasional responsible enjoyment of alcohol turns to frequent abuse and then dependence, the brain becomes reliant on it to maintain equilibrium. When more and more alcohol is required to maintain equilibrium, that is called tolerance. Quitting drinking suddenly causes the brain to become hyperactive, which is why people suffering from alcohol withdrawal are often shaky and anxious. Tremors, seizures and the delirium tremens result in the most serious unassisted withdrawal cases.

A Private Alcohol Detox Center in Florida

If you or someone you love needs help getting sober, the alcohol recovery center at 12 Keys can help. Our holistic detox center does more than just assist with the physical aspects of withdrawal; our caring, certified staff members develop customized recovery plans for each client based on individual needs. All it takes is one phone call to get the help you need, and we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your confidential questions.

We keep a professional interventionist on staff who will fly to wherever you are to help. We can plan and lead an intervention, then help your loved one enroll in the detox and recovery program at 12 Keys Alcohol Rehab. Once at 12 Keys, our alcohol detox center staff will provide round-the-clock care, assuring a safe and thorough withdrawal. Following detox, a blend of evidence-based treatments, therapies and 12 Step care will provide the basis for achieving a lifelong spiritual and psychological