Identifying A Drinking Problem

Do You Or A Loved One Need Drinking Rehab?

Do you think you may drink too much? Are you worried that someone you love may be developing an alcohol problem? These are not easy questions to answer, and neither is this one: Is a drinking problem the same as alcoholism?

Many people consider a problem drinker different from an alcoholic. While both drink to excess, someone with a drinking problem may be able to give up the bottle given a strong enough reason, such as becoming a new parent or suffering a dire consequence directly related to drinking. Problem drinkers are often correlated with social drinkers – people who become the life of the party when they imbibe but choose not to drink at home or with non-drinking friends.

Not surprisingly, many people try to reassure themselves that they have a mild drinking problem; they aren’t alcoholics who need rehab. Yet the truth is that the line between alcoholic and problem drinker is non-existent. They are different words for the same problem.

Signs You Need Treatment for Alcohol Drinking

Be on the lookout for these indications that you or a loved one may be abusing alcohol:

  • You get into legal trouble because of your drinking
  • Your drinking leads to problems at work, school or home
  • Your family and friends express concern about your drinking
  • You get hurt while drinking
  • You hurt someone else while drinking
  • You experience blackouts while drinking

These are all signs that you cannot control your reliance on alcohol. The next step is full-fledged addiction, which can lead to withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop drinking, an inability to control how much alcohol you consume, feelings of guilt when you drink, and physical symptoms of dependence, such as weight loss, red nose or upset stomach.

Finding Help for a Problem Drinker

Alcohol treatment centers, such as 12 Keys Alcohol Rehab, offers treatment for alcohol drinking. The Florida rehab facility teaches clients how to live a sober lifestyle and break their reliance on alcohol. The center emphasizes a full body, mind and spirit approach:

We nourish the body with good food and opportunities to exercise and get outdoors
We nourish the mind with group therapy and discussions about the future
And we nourish the spirit with fun activities and communication with family and friends

12 Keys Alcohol Rehab embraces a full-family approach to treating alcoholism, involving loved ones in the program. Even with family support, seeking help is not easy. Some individuals even convince themselves drinking after rehab is okay if they only do it every once in a while. But at our alcohol rehab center, counselors help clients learn, through the promotion of self-reflection and accountability, that living life sober can be fun and fulfilling.

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